My Biggest Project So Far


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Firstly I would like to apologize for anything that is wrong, misplaced anywhere, or no understanding
for this is my first post on anything about my 'projects' other than Facebook. I am new to this site and
still learning things as I have spent the last nine hours maneuvering around this site.

Second I want to add that everyone on here has amazing work and has giving me so much more
motivation to work on this! It helps a lot to know how helpful you all are and amazing your work is!

So here I go!

As stated, this is the biggest thing I have ever worked on, and with a lot of motive I hope to continue
with this and complete it in the next few years (yes, years)! Maybe...

Four days ago I found a file of the HulkBuster on a website (I forgot, so all credit goes to the creator
of the file) and I decided to try it. It said it was based on the Disney Infinity HulkBuster, but after
looking over the file, and photos of the HulkBuster, the file is very plain. So what I plan to do in the future
is to be able to customize it the way I want, add things, take this away, and make it my own.

Now this whole thing is one big piece, so once I get everything put together, I plan to resin all the joints
including fingers and such so they will be equal. Cut them apart for future resin and bondo. Then fix hinges
somehow to make it moveable (just for display, not wearable)
Anyhow! Here is what I have! Hope you enjoy, and I will keep posting as I continue to work on it!

So far, I have spent 30.5 hours on it and plan to keep tracking the time I spend on it. (Personal reasons)

The original file was almost 4 feet (1200mm)
Well, I didn't make it the full 11-12 feet he is, but close.
I made it 6 feet tall, so somewhat close, heh...not really.

And yes, going to be made from all paper! I'm not familiar with foam or anything like that (yet)

2.5 hours spent on just the head.
A2.5 hours on helmet.jpg B2.5 hours on helmet2.jpg

6 hours on a partial back, chest and the groin area (COD? correct me if I'm wrong please!)
FHead and partial back.jpg IMG_20160605_011338449.jpg

6 hours on this and partial back as above
C6 hours on COD and partial back.jpg D6 hours on COD and partial back2.jpg

Finished up the back, I think it's turning out pretty good if I may say so myself!
GHead and complete back.jpg

Took 9 hours just to finish the back and connect the COD
(again, please correct me if that is not what it's called!)
IMG_20160605_074703403.jpg IMG_20160605_074713112.jpg

Very plain, yes, but like I said, room for customizations and whatnot :)

Right now, I am working on the right leg/thigh. I have the thigh connected to the body, just no photos yet.
I have a lot of work on my hands, but I am more than willing to do the work and put all this effort into it.
Apologies for this being so long, I am quite nervous putting this on a site for I have never done anything
like this before!
All criticism is welcome!
Thank you!


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Watching with interest! This is a huge project!

Nice pep work so far.

I think paper pep is a good place to start. Work on accuracy and an instinctive understanding of how shapes work, how warping, age and time affects the job etc. You can go anywhere from there, cardboard, foam, fibreglass, steel, plastic -- wherever you like. You will only get better and gain skill.



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Looking very good so far LifeofBidney and your pep work is very smooth looking. Great job.

Lady Cue

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great looking work and, yes it's cod.
patients and time are all you need. keep us updated on your work

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AAAhhhh, I see why you called the thread ' my "biggest" project so far!' Its looking great so far your pep work is out of this world!


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Hey guys! Got a quick update for the time being!

I got around to taking a quick photo of the thigh connected to the body

Then! I just got done working on the kneecap which was a pain in the butt honestly!
IMG_20160608_024146201_HDR.jpg IMG_20160608_024137653_HDR.jpg IMG_20160608_024156409.jpg IMG_20160608_024228678.jpg

Got that connected as well
IMG_20160608_025112745_HDR.jpg IMG_20160608_025209545.jpg

And since cats like paper, my kitty crumpled up some on the upper torso, so from someone on here, I went out and got
popsicle sticks and put them on the more of straight lines, and around the inner arm area for more structure!
IMG_20160608_025229127.jpg IMG_20160608_025234318.jpg IMG_20160608_025240509.jpg

Next will be the shin and foot, but for now, I need to attend to the gapping slice in my pinky due to a new X-Acto blade >.<

Thank you for confirming about the COD! I appreciate it!
More to come! :)


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Well, unfortunately I don't have any updates to my Hulkbuster... :(
A few of my friends and family have found out about my little hobby and made request for me to make.
I have been busting my butt on making all sorts of things for them, which is taking a toll on me.
Only getting 5 to 8 hours of sleep a night, I'm losing big interest the Hulkbuster :(
But! Now that I am almost done with all my side projects for family and friends, I will be continuing on
the Hulkbuster faster than before. Not rushing so much to screw it up in any way, but enough to
get back to the pace I was at before.
It sucks because in the two weeks, I could have had so much done on my big project, but instead, I
ended up making 6 projects. Mostly helmets which is pretty cool. Just a little bit more work on the side
projects, then back to the work and grind! So excited!
Sorry for no big update, but when they offer to pay, cant help but to the job! Lol XD


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As of a week or so ago, we had a huge thunderstorm and dumb ol' me left my window open...
Well! My 'Buster was sitting under my window and I'm pretty sure you can guess it!
It got drenched like no other... As if that isn't bad, my cat decided it was a good toy for her
to play on and completely ruined it so I had to start ALL over...
I'm almost back to where I was before, but things have slowed WAY down with this 'cause
I am also working on three other projects at the same time, so the 'Buster is gonna be a slower
project than I intended it to be which sucks. Hopefully I can get these three helmets done soon
so I can get back to 'Buster and just go into full blown over load work.
I do apologize for not keeping up with this. Apartment living is pretty *******y here and the weather
sucks monkey butt!
All in all, things are going okay I guess!