My Chief Helmet

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Ok so ive been working on my helmet for some time.
Its made with fiberglass / resin etc etc
And i need a bit of help :/

Here are pic of my helm:





The inside is fiberglassed and resind (TWICE)

Well i have some problems:

1. I fiberglassed and resind the visor in :( but.... I am going to dremel it out.
2. A dip formed in the top of my visor when i fiberglassed. I filled the dip with resin but this led to big linesof resin running down the side of my helm.
Is there a way i can get rid of these?
By the way i am only 14 so i dont have power tools (Sander etc)


A little info on my To-Be visor:

I am going to vacum form my visor by using the shape from my helm i will dremel out and then i get stuck...

Can anyone give me more info on the gold transparancy spray / tape etc ?


one last bit i am using normal chair foam to pad my helmet and hopefully getting some electronics in there too.
I have a tiny fan from an old networking hub which i am going to put in the bottom of the chin (so as to have fresh air to brethe). I also have an old mp3 player and small speakers i will install in the sides.

Many thanks


P.S i am sorry its such a long topic :(


Sorry, but it looks pretty deformed.
Im assuming you did this by pepakura right? What kind of paper did you use?

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well, since u have a dremil I'm sure u have the sander attachment, just be very careful. :)

and the visor, go to a motorcycle supply website and but a motorcycle helmet visor use your dremil to cut.
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