My energy sword (lots of pics, tut added)

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Darthcalibar said:
Awesome job man. Thats really sick looking, i hope mine comes out as good as yours. Im doing mine the way sean did it and i have only one question for you. How did you cut your plexiglass? thats the biggest problem for me so far. i could use my dremel but thats really slow and not very pretty cuts. Just wondering if you found an easier way.

I found that you need to use the reinforced cutting head for the dremel and like you said it took forever. I used a jewlers saw to get all the areas near the edge of the plastic but the easiest way would be if you had a scroll saw to use. (I don't have one though)
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where did you mount the switch? it would be pretty cool to make a pressure switch and put it on the handle, so that it would turn on when someone picked it up.

on another note, man that sword is schweet! wish i had that kinda skill...
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