My Fallout3 T46-d Power Armour


Had to restart my chest. Just wasnt happy with it. This time around I am scoring all lines both valley and mountain folds with extreme caution. Therefore, I thought I would finally begin piecing it together posting progress pictures here. Ill put in some Helmet pictures as well. Ive nearly finished the helmet though. Just need to seal in the breathing tubes and their connections. Then attatch all the bits and pieces.


Day 3


Brax Lel

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i could never find myself a fallout pep file in PDO, all i find are OBJ files which i can only use in pepkura designer :(

John Awesome

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*puts on nerd glasses* That's not possible, you are not able to wear glasses with any full face helmet in FO3! Haha, just kidding, really great helmet, I love it. I'm going to keep an eye on this project.
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Never resin right be fore night time you ll regret it when your sanding moths out of you armor for hours

Oh I've learnt the hard way not to do that.... ROFL It was only a bondo/rondo and painting test piece but still. Very wise advice
Ya I learned the hard way as well but this was like a moth frenzy. Middle of summer in Oklahoma and they are every where. I actually thought of putting another layer or two of resin to cover them up
Eva foam

I litterally just hung up the phone getting prices for foam. A single sheet of EVA Foam 1.1 metres by 2.2 metres is priced at $97.50 australian dollars. That seems way too F***ing much. What prices have you guys seen it at?
im not quite sure on my metrics but in america we can buy a pack of four 3 ft my 3ft sheets for around $19.98 USD which would come out to 18.52 AUD. you might check out your local fitness stores and ask them if they have foam floor mats for sale.
Fitness mats. Never would have thought of that. Thanks for the heads up. Now all I have to do is get all the components to build a foam cutter I saw once.
Floor mats huh? Never would have thought of that. Thanks for tip. + 5 internet's to you sir. I saw a home made foam cutter once. I'm gonna try to make from memory. I'll post pics of the attempt. Hope I don't set fire to anything lol.
I feel the need to appologise for my lack of progress here. I got a lot of stuff to deal with at the moment and not a lot of work stuff leaves me completely drained with no impulse to continue working on papercraft. I got some good time to myself this weekend so it should be awesome progress posted then.


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Yeah, paper craft is a pain. But it dose get a bit easier the more you do it. :) You should really keep in mind how you're going to wear/attach these pieces. because they don't get along too well with each other.

Good luck on your build!