My Fernando Esparza pilot build


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Hello 405 my name is Angel . I recently cosplayed Fernando Esparza the Pilot at Houston AnimeVerse convention Houston, because Steve Downes visited this anime convention.


I never really thought about cosplaying the pilot, because the cosplay itself is a bit more involved than what I ussually cosplay.

However, I felt inspired to do so after I had seen Lobbster post about his experience in cosplaying the character of the pilot. I realized I too wanted to cosplay the character. Shout out to him.

In the reources of the Forum, I found one of the threads that directed me to 3d models inside the game files. Looking and looking I found the 3d model of the pilot.

I imported the file on blender and then into mesh mixer to isolate the chest piece.

I was not entirely sure what shade of green to paint it the chest piece. I think I may have gone a shade too light

From Amazon I ordered a vest, molle pouches and a blue flight suit.

I comissioned the life support vest replica from a seamstress I had met in prior conventions Kieshareme. I was not entirely sure on what shade of green to go for the vest. I think I may have gone a shade too light, here as well. I will soon reprint it with a more metallic green.


I 3d printed the Halo assault rifle from the resources here. Since that is the weapon that the pilot hands over to master chief.

I painted the Assault Riffle based on the Reach design and the Longshot.

I grew out my hair and my beard for 6 months like in the in-game lore the time the pilot was stranded in space. I could not find a patch like the in game one so I opted to choose a UNSC Navy patch.

Met an awesome Halo cosplayer at the convention too.
Well done!

Some of the scenes in-game w 117 and Esparza are my favorite.

Keep it up, and hopefully we cross paths at some point.

Welcome to the 405th
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