Foam Esparza armor


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Halo Infinite Fernando Esparza armor

Esparza is without a doubt one of my favorite halo infinite characters and that's why I decided to make a unfold for eva foam, just like the marine files I published before these are files extracted from the game.

The files are very good to work with since I have already used them in a project I made, the only thing that we can say has problems are the textures because at the time of passing them with color they have very marked the covered areas, but out of theThey're pretty good and pretty true to what we've seen in the game.


Preview file


  • Halo-Infinite-pilot-armor-foam.pdo
    1.7 MB · Views: 41
  • Halo-Infinite-pilot-helmet-foam.pdo
    2.5 MB · Views: 37
I think it is super awesome how you prepped up the models for Fernando Esparza armor.

I recently cosplayed Fernando Esparza.

The 3d files Im not sure if it was here in the posts or the discord channel, that directed me to a google drive for the Halo Infinite.

I 3d printed the armor pieces.

I did not know how to put in the texture or incorporated it in the model.

What shade of green do you think the armor is?
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