My final Noble 6.

stony props jim

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The first bicepts came out of the mold today.
Everything in the pic is all still part of the “test” build. I’m using this to work out the building bugs. Nothing in this shot will be part of the final costume , this mannequin is just for testing materials and sizing. It’s almost a shame that these pieces won’t be used.



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For the deep scratches i use a Dremel tool and grind them into the resin.
Thata it?!?! Just multiple passes? Wow. I thought the helmet was 100% titanium steel and you went through hell and back, and then after serious depression, repeatedly hit your head into a wall. That looks so good! I wish my process of running and stomping rocks into my foam turned out good like this! But now that we have lavarock....(sharp like glass and pokey everywhere), maybe I can do something "natural"...

That dremelwork is great! I would definitely got carried away and do too much