My first 3D armor

Ahh so close! Like others have said in the past, it'd work for a test piece, but it's also something you could give to a smaller trooper if you know of one.
Progress on the MA5C
next step is spot putty and wet sanding

Of the 3d printed weapons I've done this is definetly better than them. It looks really good!
Great job with the MA5C!!
For any dome-type helmets like this, you can almost always do a support blocker for the top of the dome. The inside of the helmet will have some issues, but you can sand those down. Even without support inside the dome, the outside of the helmet dome will still come out looking good.

Its a great way to save time and filament when printing full helmets like this.
Update on helmet #4
wide enough, to tall, way to narrow (front to back)

11 days and a bunch of filaments wasted
I second the no interior supports sentiment. I don't print any helmets or similar things with dome supports. Sure, it looks messy on the inside but that's where foam goes. Saves a ton of print time and material.
Also definitely look at getting Armorsmith. For the cost of what...2 rolls or filament, it saves a ton. If not, look into the "ring method" or sizing.
TLDR: you print out a slice of the helmet/armor at it's thinnest part, use that as a test to see if it'll fit.
Ok so here is an update

Attempt #5 fail catastrophically

Came home from work to find a spaghetti nest
Wasted 12hours
Attempt #10 is now 48 hours in, I split the helmet in 3 pieces to reduce the print height and supports needed, 70 hours to go on the completion of the first and biggest part
Here is how attempts # were failing
I was raging so much
Adhesion problems, for attempt #10 I was watching it like a hawk for the first 2hours
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