My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor


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These look exceptional for your first time working in paper craft. I remember my first ODST helmet not being anywhere near as precise as some of these.
If you want some free advice. There is a chance for larger pieces like the chest to deform during the Rondo|Bondo phase even after doing the initial strengthening with resin. Make sure to brace well and work in smaller sections for the first pass. After that it will be unlikely to deform with subsequent passes.


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Life gets super busy. I've been doing work when I find time, but it's all been just more fiberglass and more rondo. I figure I don't need to post pictures of the same thing over and over as long as I'm not running into any issues.

Thanks for the encouragement!


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If you're using polyester resin rather than epoxy resin you can expect the parts to shrink slightly as the resin hardens. That's just they way that type of resin works. So don't gauge sizing strictly from Pepakura and the paper models or they'll be too small after hardening.


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I guess I haven't put much thought into how to connect the armored hand plates to a pair of gloves. I have some velcro tabs that someone gave me to try, but I'm scared that the part may fall off fairly easily without me noticing, and it could be lost forever. I haven't been able to find very specific details in anyone else's build thread. I'm guessing most people effectively "glue" them together with some sort of epoxy.

I picked up a pair of gloves, and I like the way they look with the armored plate resting on it. They'll probably be one of the first pieces I actually consider finished once I get to the painting phase.


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This may be one of my few creative contributions to the 405th (and it's probably been done before to some extent). Everything else I'm doing is borrowed from things I've seen on other builds..

After doing some brainstorming I thought of a way to attach the armored hand plates to the cloth gloves. My gloves have a Velcro strap allowing you to tighten them, I thought it would be nice to be able to still use that, so I didn't want to glue the fiberglassed piece to the glove.

I picked up some heavy duty button clasps. It was tough to get it through the glove material, but I'm happy with the way it looks, and I measured it all out so the perfectionist in me is satisfied.

On the other side, I built a dam for some more rondo to make the glove flush with the armor. I will attach the other end of the clasps there, allowing me to remove the piece to adjust the Velcro.


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Outstanding Pep work! Glad to see you have picked this back up again :) Poor weather can be such a bummer! BTW, I think the new scaling of the helmet is perfect