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My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jalean4, May 17, 2016.

  1. LifeofBidney

    LifeofBidney New Member

    Jealous you went to the Anime Detour! Wanted to go so bad!
    As far as your Pep! Looks really good and clean!
    Keep up the good work!
  2. Lady Cue

    Lady Cue New Member

    Absolutely fantastic work on the fiber glass. you have the looks of a pro already. be careful when sanding and working with FG though, my husband learned the hard way he is allergic to it. He breaks out in hives when he works with it. so wear safety equipment. keep this thread going as you progress. I love seeing fg projects the experience gained can take you places in jobs like automotive body work.
  3. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Hey, sorry I've been away for a little while.. work and weddings and stuff...

    To be completely honest, I have spent countless hours... When in the Pepakura phase, I would watch a lot of tv/anime while working, which would decrease my productivity. I've been very on and off since moving on to resin and fiberglassing, so that too has reduced my overall productivity.

    I wish I had kept track of the time I've put in, but the learning curve has been so high for me.. Like I said at the start of this blog, I began the project over 2 years ago, not knowing if I would pursue it to completion. But with what I've learned and the time I've spent within this community of builders, I will finish it this year.
  4. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Quick little update, for anyone who may care...

    I've been able to do the first layer of fiberglass on a few pieces. Ran out of my first quart of Fiberglass Resin. It felt pretty good to run out of the hardening agent at the same time that I used the last drops of the resin. I'm at least getting the mix down pretty well.

    I'm just doing some last minute double-checking before I head out to the garage. Hoping to rondo my helmet tonight. Wish me luck!
  5. Meatwad

    Meatwad Jr Member

    Good luck man! Can't wait to see some pics.
  6. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Before anyone barks at me for reviving a dead post...

    I'm picking this project up right where I left it!

    Almost a year later...

    It's been a long winter, but it's finally getting warm enough in the garage to start working again.

    Anyway, I was at the point with my armor to fiberglass and rondo the insides. I wanted to do a smaller portion of rondo first in order to make sure I was getting the mix down and applying it effectively. I rondo'd the hand plates and the ab plate, as they were smaller pieces and I was able to use up about one portion of my mix for all 3 pieces.

    I think the mix may have been a little on the thicker side. It was a little chilly today (mid 50's F), which may have played a slight role in that.

    I'm really excited to be back working on this project! I ordered a simple undersuit and gloves last night. I also found the new BoomCo. MA5 Assault Rifle, so I ordered that with the intention of bricking the inside and painting the gun to look more traditional.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017
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  7. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Should Rondo feel tacky after it's hardened? I feel like I could scratch into it with my fingernail if I wanted to...

    Yesterday I put a primer-coat on the hand plates, cause I don't think I'll do much bondo/sanding on them since they're so small. Maybe I'll do a little bit to smooth a few edges, but overall I don't think it's too necessary.

    I also Rondo'd the top half of my helmet. I kept the mix a bit runnier this time so I could get it up inside the visor part of the Mark VI helmet without it gooping up too thick in there.
  8. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Nice work :)
  9. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Sanding is a pain... I did a pretty pathetic job on my first attempt at applying bondo. I think I used too much hardener, so it got clumpy fast.


    I did as much as I could with my sanding tool, I'll have to do more of the finesse sanding by hand later.. need a break. I'm pretty excited to see start seeing how the piece will be coming together. I'm pretty tempted to prime the whole thing soon to see what details I really need to focus on, but I know I've got a bit to do before I should really throw paint at it.

    I'm glad I started with some of these smaller pieces, there's definitely been a steep learning curve for me.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2017
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  10. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    I sanded most of the extra fiberglass/rondo from the inside/edges of the helmet today. Couldn't even squeeze my head through, not a chance... So I started shaving off a little bit from the sides in order to get it to where I could actually wear the helmet.

    Finally got it on, cool! But wait... it seems pretty cramped, not a whole lot of room even for padding...
    Not to mention, the jaw is pretty wonky... If I'm going to spend a bunch of time perfecting this armor with bondo, I'd better start with the best I can... (maybe a little bigger too)

    I don't think the size looks too bad, I just don't want to shave off a ton more of the helmet in order to be able to put it on and take it off comfortably.
    Looking at resizing the .pdo file, and luckily I kept my old sizing scales in a journal. I know the helmet fit before I fiberglassed it, but maybe that was just because it was paper and could give a little bit. Could it have shrunk? After all the helmet has been the longest pepped piece I've had... since 2014, and fiberglassed in 2016?

    It's rainy and chilly anyway, so I can't do much work outside. I'm gonna pull the trigger on redoing it, now I'm just nervous that resizing it will be too big...
  11. LongShot X

    LongShot X

    Nice pep work. Your folds look really sharp and clean.
    As for resizing the helm... based upon how much I see was shaved off... I would suggest adding 10% or possibly 15% to the size and go from there. As a side note... I had to do some shaving on my helm too, but not enough to warrant a resize and re-pep.

    Excellent progress!

  12. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    First of all, thank you! I never thought you would see this post. But I'm truly excited, I'm sure you saw I mentioned your Master Chief build when I first started this project.

    Thanks for the tip. I re-measured the width of the helmet hole and re-scaled the pepakura file to fit more easily this time. I think it ended up inherently being 15% bigger. I think it might be a hair on the large side, but I hope that once it's saturated in resin it will shrink a little bit.

    Again, I feel like it's a hair on the larger side, when I compare it to the chest piece. But I think once I'm able to wear the armor, it will look more proportionate.
    It's been rainy and chilly all of this week anyway, so I'm not really losing progress as I wouldn't be able to work in the garage anyway. I'm able to do pepakura inside, while watching Bleach on Netflix... :)

    More progress to come
  13. LongShot X

    LongShot X

    I noticed and checked out this thread, because the TITLE mentioned your build was a H3 Mark VI Spartan Armor. When I get the chance to lurk around, I usually search for new H3 Mark VI builds. I love reading all of the different techniques and ideas that each builder brings. Yours included.

    #Subscribed !!

  14. CommanderPalmer


    Actually I have to say I loved your first scaling of the helmet... It seemed perfect size, not too big, but quite tighter-fit. From the profile however, seemed like a perfectly sized helmet. O_O

    Good luck wiht hardening!
  15. rorywatts


    LongShot's built is a good one to get inspiration from, it's very impressive. Your works looking good so far keep it up, good job with the supports cause its easy to deform when your'e hardening
  16. Xs SHAD0W sX

    Xs SHAD0W sX New Member

    These look exceptional for your first time working in paper craft. I remember my first ODST helmet not being anywhere near as precise as some of these.
    If you want some free advice. There is a chance for larger pieces like the chest to deform during the Rondo|Bondo phase even after doing the initial strengthening with resin. Make sure to brace well and work in smaller sections for the first pass. After that it will be unlikely to deform with subsequent passes.
  17. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    Life gets super busy. I've been doing work when I find time, but it's all been just more fiberglass and more rondo. I figure I don't need to post pictures of the same thing over and over as long as I'm not running into any issues.

    Thanks for the encouragement!
  18. RobotChicken


    If you're using polyester resin rather than epoxy resin you can expect the parts to shrink slightly as the resin hardens. That's just they way that type of resin works. So don't gauge sizing strictly from Pepakura and the paper models or they'll be too small after hardening.
  19. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    I guess I haven't put much thought into how to connect the armored hand plates to a pair of gloves. I have some velcro tabs that someone gave me to try, but I'm scared that the part may fall off fairly easily without me noticing, and it could be lost forever. I haven't been able to find very specific details in anyone else's build thread. I'm guessing most people effectively "glue" them together with some sort of epoxy.

    I picked up a pair of gloves, and I like the way they look with the armored plate resting on it. They'll probably be one of the first pieces I actually consider finished once I get to the painting phase.
  20. Jalean4

    Jalean4 New Member

    This may be one of my few creative contributions to the 405th (and it's probably been done before to some extent). Everything else I'm doing is borrowed from things I've seen on other builds..

    After doing some brainstorming I thought of a way to attach the armored hand plates to the cloth gloves. My gloves have a Velcro strap allowing you to tighten them, I thought it would be nice to be able to still use that, so I didn't want to glue the fiberglassed piece to the glove.
    I picked up some heavy duty button clasps. It was tough to get it through the glove material, but I'm happy with the way it looks, and I measured it all out so the perfectionist in me is satisfied.
    On the other side, I built a dam for some more rondo to make the glove flush with the armor. I will attach the other end of the clasps there, allowing me to remove the piece to adjust the Velcro.
  21. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    it's look good so far! great pep skills btw
  22. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Fantastic job
  23. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Outstanding Pep work! Glad to see you have picked this back up again :) Poor weather can be such a bummer! BTW, I think the new scaling of the helmet is perfect

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