My first halo props; BR55 & M6D.


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Wasn't entirely sure to put em here or under the new recruit section since they're more professional looking. Sorry, all I got is my bad phone camera, since my lazy brother won't help me with his proper cameras :lol: .

Anyway here are my props that I built last year (more in my albums). Built with a pine-wood core with basla layers giving the stencilled details need, then saturated with industrial spray-paint primer (went through like 10 cans) with a lot of wet-sanding after to give it a solid & smooth finish ready for coloured spray-painting.
Haven't gotten around to 100% complete em with some decals stickers I was planning to do. When I'll do in a month or two after I'll get my marine armour 3D printed. I will post em here once completed.


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