my first real suit!

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    first of all, thanks for a great community where alot of questions are answered!

    many years ago i attended a halloweenparty, with a master chief suit bought from a local shop.
    it wasnt really good quality nor was it a pleasent suit to wear since all the sharp edges of the helmet gave me rashburns all over my neck.

    i wanted to make a real suit, but i never got around to start with the pepacura-race.

    2 years ago i realised that a 3D printer would make the job effort alot smaller and i would swear alot less during the build.

    so i started to build a 3D printer, and then of course i realised "if i got 2 printers...and larger ones this would go alot faster!"

    so i bought and built an even larger printer.

    6 days ago the machines was ready to start print everything!

    im using Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A by big_red_frog as reference and will be altering some of the STL files to fit my vision.

    but all credit goes to Big_red_frog on thingiverse for making the base files.

    i accounted about 60 hours on print and about 1.1kg filament
    now, nearly finished with the helmet i think about 75 hours and 1kg filament is more accurate.

    plastic primer will be added once assembled and then sanding before painting.

    helmet 50.jpg helmet80.jpg
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    It could just be the angle that you took that picture at but how is the fit of the helmet? It looks like it'll be pretty tight in and possibly a squeeze on your ears or forcing you to be a silent protagonist through limiting chin movement.
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    i think its the angle. im working on the glueing as we speak.

    the base design is so you can dismount the chinpiece and the peak.
    i realised that fully assembled i can fit the helmet about my head. so i will build it as 1 single piece.

    when on my head i would say i have about 2cm around my head wich will be perfect for the padding i will be using.
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    1.jpg 2.jpg

    helmet finished, of course right after i found a more detailed version on this site. thinking about maybe printing the new helmet instead.
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