my halo helmet

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hi everyone, here's my helmet for my halo fan film that im making right now.
its made from an old basketball, carboard,foam sheets, plastic coke bottle, and rubber carpet.
all together it cost me 2 $ to make for the foam, and the rest was laying around.
anyway here you go.its complete and ready to be filmed.

iamyourcousin228 said:
OK then its good. If it was MC it would be wierd. Keep up the good work!
I was about to say the same thing!!! But very nice for a variant design!!!
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yeah i know it looks weird in that pic, but for some reason the angle i took the pic with,made the helmet look weird.
but all video test i did up to now wearing the helmet makes it look awsome and halo ODST looking, so thats what i wanted from it and im happy with the end result.
ill post pics and links to the end suit and fan film.
well if it was cheif it would be a little weird but it could look like a MK V ause its more of a round front you know
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