My Mark Vi Eva Cqb Combo.

Hey, i've been doing costuming for a while and wanted to show off some of my old work before i showed off my new stuff. I started out doing lord of the rings helmets, these are made out of batting helmets and styrene and lots of clay.[attachment=9318:DSCN0392.JPG][attachment=9319:DSCN0393.JPG]

i tried four separate times to do spartan armor from halo 2 without success. until i finally heard about pepakura. i've been working on this over the last month and am probably going to resin it this weekend to see if it even fits.


the teeny shoulder i accidently made is ath the bottom of the photo.

this is the beginning of my eva helmet. does anyone know how motorcycle companies do the gold tint on their visors? the visor i'm making is going to be cast out of a 2-part mold. I'm probably going to skip the bondo and use air drying clay and impregnate it with super glue to smooth it out and do the detail. possibly anyone has done an hd EVA helmet?I'm also planning to do a CQB shoulder. hopefully my suit will turn out something like this.
A bungie artist did this for me.


Sweet, another Washingtonian on the board. Nobody, so far, has successfully done an EVA helmet, though I know NZ-TK was working on one. As for how the tinting is done, it's been discussed, but my brain won't let me remember the name. I do remember that it is very difficult to do at home, and is expensive to do professionally.

Good luck on your armor!

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that might not look as good but the best thing would be to go to a local glass guy or someone like that and ask how much tinting would be it'll probably be as expensive as buying a dual layer visor and if so then go for it. on another note how did you get a bungie artist to draw you that character


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Nice LOTR helmets man! I'm currently planning on making a helmet similar to the one Merry wore in ROTK. I'll be making it from steel and brass though.

I too would like to see a good EVA helmet. I've been looking and have only ever seen one completed EVA, and to be honest, it was pretty sad looking. Wish you luck!
I got the drawing done at the emerald city comicon. the strange thing is that i asked him to draw me a cqb spartan, i got my abbreviations mixed up, and he ended up drawing exactly what i was going to build. Also good luck with merry's helmet, i wish i could have used leather instead of styrene.


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nice i really like the lord of the rings helms also are u thiniking of makeing the shouldes interchangeable?
i think that would be pretty sweet to be able to have all sorts of should to put on your armour good luck!
Oh-kay. so i printed out flyingsquirls hd mark 6 chest piece and scaled it to my height of about 70 inches, 2 years ago. right before i started my job as a heavy structures mechanic for the boeing 787. working on and off on it i got it built and fortified to the point yesterday where i thought i could chop it up and test fit it. the shoulders are perfect width the back is perfect but now the chest part itself is too tiny. (if you want a good workout build an airplane!)


Gonna do some more chopping and reinforcing to see if i can lengthen the shoulders and the belly and then i will update. But at least the helmet fits!

Quick question though, does anyone know how to post your picture by your name in each post?


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click my controls near the top of the page and then click edit avatar settings in the left hand column. Armor is looking great by the way but the chest piece looks like its build for a 10 year old lol its tiny.
I was going to fiberglass the visor and then use sculpey on top. but my kitten thinks that all concave surfaces are litter boxes. as soon as i make a new pepakura visor i will sculpt over it then make a silicone negative and a 2 part plaster mold. I plan on casting the visor in a lot of clear 2 part epoxy and then using that guys visor painting tutorial to make it see through.