My Name Is Mudge...and I'm A Blacksmith


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Well I'm Mudgesmith, I am a blacksmith near St. Louis. I am at about the high novice or apprentice level of crafting. For those who do not know what a blacksmith is, shame on you! Blacksmiths are people who work with heavy metal, iron, steel, etc. I'm actually becoming a who works with all metals but...back to my main skill. Yea I would like to get alot of ideas for making armor, weapons (not guns), artistic details, etc. and halo armor would be pretty awesome to make out of metal, it would be heavy, but you could probably take a few bullets in the chest and stuff. So for those who are reading this and just thought "Ah! this guy sounds freakin cool! I should come up with ideas!" I will tell you a few things about blacksmithing so you could also create a few steps to help me create your ideas! Iron, when heated, is alot like clay or dough...if any of you guys (or gals, when i say guys i imply girls) have clay, roll it into a rod,place it on a sturdy table and hit any part of it with a hammer (not hard but just hit it), what you just did was called forging. What i do is heat up iron and do the same thing, but i use an anvil, blacksmithing hammers, a forge, tongs, and metal heated to ranges of 1000-2500 degrees keep that law of...physics? in your mind when coming up with ideas. Also keep in mind that i cannot make contact with the metal with my bare hands, gloved hands, or armored hands due to the heat of the metal burning them...and for those who still havent gotten the idea of blacksmithing, just search up stuff on google images, or search up like knight armor, you know what i mean...Well yea I would love to have some input and ideas


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Well this might be a long shot but if you have access to a water jet cutter you might be able to cut out some pep file and put them together. just a thought. let me know

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Hey, man, welcome to the 405th. Very cool, being a blacksmith. I've had the opportunity to beat on some metal at a forge. It was very therapeutic. I've never worked with sheet steel before, though. My limited experience with metal precludes offering any suggestions, but I wish you the best of luck. I will say this, though, the Mjolnir armor has some complicated shapes that would be EPIC if reproduced in metal. As a side note, I do dabble in medieval reenactment so I am familiar with steel armor. This stuff would probably be best reproduced with the thinner sheet steels. Again, welcome to the 405th.


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I'm making a chandelier out of iron, copper, and mica paper for my metalsmithing final. There's an idea for you, making a chandelier.

Another idea would be to try your hand at bladesmithing. That's hella fun!

The only real blacksmithing experience that I have is working in the studio of John Creed while I was in Scotland back in June 2008. I made a butterknife in about 6 hours. Super simple! So my experience with the subject is kind of limited.


Welcome to the 405th glad to see another smith, when I first married my wife I was scraping out a living doing smith work crafts, forging blades and armour, for reenactors and fairs mostly.



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What about shaping out a energy sword? Everyone likes swords!
Otherwise having metal plates for gloves and just armor in general would be sweet...