Help i got my name and D.O.B wrong!


New Member
When signing up i accidentally made my yr wrong, and also after account creation i gotta use my real name.
I have sent a conversation to FANGS and Cadet, but neither has responded. Should i wait or what?
Also, if this is the wrong place, i'm sorry. I'm really new to this and a bit confused.
We have received your conversation, and it has not even been 24 hours since you sent it.

Our Forum Admin staff are all volunteers doing this in their free time, and frankly, adjusting a member's Date of Birth is far down on the list of priorities right now considering all the behind the scenes activities going on with the Halo Championship Series events following closely on the heels of the coordination with Paramount for events related to Halo: The Series Season 2.

In the future please try to have some patience and respect for Staff and their time and effort.
I'm Sorry, that was crass of me. I apologize to all of the staff that i may have bothered and I just didn't quite get the scope of things.
I made the poor decision of averting attention to myself and hope that i wasn't too much of a distraction.
All the best.

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