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Some people on here know of my first Spartan armor, a Mjolnir Mark VII Battle suit made of a non-combat material; cardboard.

My next project, and you all are invited to follow along *insert cheesy, magical jingle*, is a Spartan III, Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor, based on the image on the cover of Ghosts of Onyx.

Ironically enough, according to Wikipedia, and I quote, "...its main benefit was that it was drastically cheaper to produce than the Mjolnir..." end quote. Being made of cardboard, this Armor will be immensely inexpensive. I will post when I begin, around mid-August.

Keep us posted on your progress... it's not a race to be the first, but it is really exciting to know that we'll be seeing some wearable SPI armor soon.
Here are some preliminary sketches that I made for my SPI Armor. The resolution is crap, and that's because I took it with my webcam. As soon as I'm able to use my scanner, or another scanner, I'll have some higher res photos available.

Final Sketch

First Sketch (SPI Armor Mark II [Assumed])

Also, here's a photo of a UNSC Gun that I created for my SPI costume. This gun isn't made directly by Bungie, and I used a Star Wars Laser Tag gun for the core. It's a BR56A Tactical Rifle, the predecessor to the BR55 Battle Rifle.
Like the creativity with the blaster. Add a magazine feed somewhere and it'll be sweet.

On your final sketch, why did you add the divider in the top part of the visor?
It turns out I won't be using that visor after all. It's a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Armor, a variant in Halo 3 Multiplayer. I thought that it was a variant on SPI, but it turns out I was mistaken. So, I'm going with the helmet that's attached to the body.
Aha, I can see the Star Wars influence-it's the vent holes in the barrel, a Star Wars trait.
Good luck on your SPI, probally the coolest SPI ever. :)
maky sure you insert a hydro deflective posotron generator in the back of the SPI armour so you really can go invisible! (than you can spy on what george bush is planning :shifty ninja: )
Well, It started out as a Droid Blaster.

I just took a hack-saw to it, knocked off the scope, and sawed off the unnecessary parts up at the top. I will then super glue the scope to the top and tada! I've got me a BR56A Tactical Rifle. It's magic.
Alrighty! New weapons that I've developed for my SPI armor. As a reminder, these weapons are not created by Bungie directly, only inspired by them. This newest model is a SRS100A-S3 RS (Recon Strike) Sniper Rifle, specifically designed for the SPARTAN III Program. It's built from some type of Naboo Gun, as pictured below.

With a few hacks and chops with a Hacksaw, I took off the front grip and sawed off the mount of the scope.

I then took the scope (modified) and plan to superglue it onto the barrel of the gun, making a sniper muzzle.

Both of my weapons I plan to paint a dark matte Gray Green or black. Any feedback on Gun color would be appreciated, and I'll keep posting on my progress.
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