my ODST orbital drop shock pony build


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wow ur gamestop its awesome the closest gamestop to me is like 40 miles out god i hate the country
Dang, man! That sucks!

By the way, how's your build going, Brony?

yeah... but they DONT host massive release parties like the others all do...
At the Gamestop that is closest to me, they would give you a canned soda and a bag of chips. LOL!

The other one is a Premiere store(I may have gotten the name wrong), so they do cooler things like BBQ and DJs. For the MW3 release, they had well as some idiots smooking weed.

The Halo 4 release here is going to have cops around to supervise the whole thing.

Scar 405

ok just an update i found some old pics from my Hayabusa build and i thought i should share one
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