my ODST orbital drop shock pony build

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scar it has to be themed, no actual appendages. jet pack would do, but wings aren't very realistic.
or just wings painted on the back lol
I think I have both an LD version and the HD version.

By the way, we need three more bronies! We need a Rairty, Fluttershy, and a Pinkie Pie. lol
you can check out my thread if you wanna see what kinda customizations i was planning on. nothing big.
ODST orbital drop shock pony


well here is the concept design for my Rainbow Dash themed Buck ODST armor
This is definitely not the right sub-forum for this thread.

As an infantryman you should create a thread in the Creation Discussion forum.
katsu don't backseat moderate, it doesn't matter that much. its all ready 4 pages long, reposting it would do more harm then good.

scar i can't see the picture, what host are you using?
Here's the paint concept for my lid.


Nothing too fancy. It's only going to be on one side of the helmet.
lookin nice ACDC, but is that all or are you gunna make the paint a littler more noticable? and are you gunna ponify that upper helmet attachment.
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