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I have an extensive grouping of fake UNSC e-mails and backstories to a character I created.

UNSC Transmission, Priority Level-Moderate

Encryption Code: Baker
Public Key: file/archaeology/unsc/baker/4467
From: Admiral George Hale
Subject: Odd Artifacts
Classification: Public File

/start file/

Dear UNSC Archaeology Department,

Our boys have found a series of odd artifacts and buildings. They seem extremely advanced. They are made with odd, burnished metal. We also found a floating device, which called it self “232 Ambiguous Justice”. It answered all of our questions and even showed us around.
It was quite, quite odd.
We also found an object, surrounded by a huge energy field. It was a plate of sorts, and a cylinder-the cylinder had a green stripe running down both sides. Nothing could damage the energy field, not even rockets or frags!
Some of our Helljumpers mysteriously were killed during the night, which raises questions. We posted 24 hour guards and the problem has not again occurred.
We are hitting you up to inquire this:
Does any of this sound familiar?

Admiral George Hale
/end file/

UNSC Personnel Files

Encryption Code: Beowulf 6
Public Key: files/personnel/officers/admirals/georgehale
Classification: Public File

/start file/

Name: George Thomas Hale
Age: 47
Rank: Rear Admiral
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 178 lbs
Home Planet: Earth
Born: 2478
Death: N/A
Appearance: Fair Skin, Scar from left ear to chin
Personality: Kind, Fair and Honorific.
Brief History:
Born in Boston, USA, in 2478. Raised in Pennsylvania from 2478 to 2493. Joined the UNSC at 18. Became a Rear Admiral in 2520.

UNSC Covenant Translation, Priority Level 10

Encryption Code: Zulu Zulu Roger Baker Queen
Public File: covenant/encrypted/files/transgalaxyorder12
To: All UNSC Officers
From: unsctranslationdepartment/heala/
Subject: “The Final Answer”
Classification: TOP SECRET

/start file/

To Whom it May Concern,

We here at the UNSC’s Translation department have translated documents and files for over 20 years now.
We have yet to find anything so dramatic as this from a FREE CHANNEL.
The AI Cortana was on the carrier Old Forge, running a quick scan. She detected Covie recon pods near Europa, and she sent a message to Rear Admiral Hale.
The message wasn’t delivered; the Covies had infected it with a virus, and it was bleached before it could reach Hale’s ship, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem was heading towards Io. It tore a slipspace hole and escaped to Earth.
The message read as followed:
“ The Final Answer has been found! Rejoice, my sons. It was a simple answer- we will kill the Flood on Delta Halo, dispatching a pod of troops, and slay the beasts! The Gravemind will be dealt with, we hope.
Pray to the Forerunners tonight, my friends, for tomorrow is a glorious day!”
This message is confusing and helpful. We have no idea what
“Halo” is, neither the Flood, but we know a large group of the Covies are heading towards somewhere.”

~Michael Heala

/end file/
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nice I have lead an RP group since late 05 off of myspace, and have expanded too helping out movie making groups, and some clans, I myself have joined the 305th Helljumpers
Thats pretty cool so far :)

Infact, Rear Admiral Hale sorta reminds me of Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb from "First Strike"; they are both high ranking officers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in combat
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