My Pepakura 1 & 1/2 week project

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wow, i work at gamestop and last friday i decided that since im working the Halo 3 release i'd make a master chief helmet to wear to work. when i stumbled across this website i decided that i was going to make a FULL costume out of pepakura. im only going to have a week and a half to make and paint it, but i thinki can do it :]

this site was the deciding factor in making a whole suit

Friday, Sept 14
found this website, printed out a helmet below, and cut out all the pieces and used the perfect fold method on the pieces, but damn did it take a whle for my first piece :p

i decided to wait to glue it until saturday.

Saturday, Sept 15
Assembled the helmet with hot glue, took about 2 hours cause im really slow, but eh, it turned out pretty good :]



Finished Biceps :], but no pictures
Started on the forearms too, but no pictures either because i forgot.....again

Sunday, Sept 16
finished the forearms, cant find the pictures. Also finished both shin pieces :]

Monday, Sept 17
only a week left, added a layer of resin to the "joints" of the armor, where the pepakura pieces meet, only have a pictue of the forearms and handguards with resin, i did the shins afterwards. Im waiting to do anything to the helmet until my visor comes in so i know it fits it.

Tuesday, Sept 18
put a second layer of resin on the outside of the forearms, handguards, biceps, and shin pieces.


Also, while typing this im cutting out the feet pieces, hope to have them glued together tonight.
Leadingspartan said:
Good armor man looks like you might finish before release looks very nice. One of the best pep armors besides Macattacks.
that looks good. please check out mine and tell me what you think. Thanks

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i un-bend coat hangers and just make a semi-stable base with them and tape em down to the board. for the shin pieces to make sure they dont warp i make sure the part of the coat hanger that is the "top" is right behind the big square and they rest easily on it, no warpage :]

on another note, does resin make it waterproof? no like swimming in it or anything, but if i get caught in a little rain it wont melt right? and is there a way to seal the paint so it doesnt run in slight rain either?
for the paint they make paint sealant, kind of like thompsons water seal. Some paints come with the stuff in it already, like outside paints. Just ask a guy at home depot or lowes and they will hook you up.
UPDATE!!! Wednesday, Sept 19
old glue gun died, rip

got a nice new one for.........(drum roll)
$1.97!!!!!!!! <3 wal-mart

Finished both feet, thought they were big so i compared them too my boots ill be wearing, they're just about the right size actually!


Finished the thighs...forgot to take a picture.....

Fiberglassed the fore-arms

resined the feet

resined the thighs

Thanks everyone! :)
@Tmack : i use 65lb cardstock, standard meijer/wal-mart issue :p
@imMonkeyGOD : 2 on the outside, 1 on the inside AFTER i resin the fiberglass in.
you must have alot of free time on your hands to make so much progress so fast.
looks great your already farther along than i am, im shooting to finish b4 halloween tho, so no rush i just want it to look nice.
what are you going to do for the visor?
UPDATE!! Thursday, Sept 20
ok well today i got the biceps, hand-guards, and feet fiberglassed.

for the visor im waiting for my HJC gold visor to come in. i got it priority shipped, so it'll be here either tomorrow or saturday.
im hoping to finish fiberglassing tomorrow, not sure if im gonna be able to do it or not. So yeah, its gonna be close.
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