My project so far.... (Updated)

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Hello everyone! I am new here if you can't tell. :$ops:

So, My boyfriend, our friend, and I decided to make halo armor pretty much out of no where and this is been by far the most useful site round.

To date, I have made a pep helmet and pep crotch out of plain computer paper to play with sizing. I have more recently bought card stock and finished the helm and the right calf. I just got some resin yesterday and began to play with that. Fun Stuff. I'll update as I go, so on to a few pictures...
BTW sorry of the pictures are a bit blurry, I had to use my phone cam.

Here is my half resined right calf. I shorten it a bit.

Here is my helmet. I doubt you can tell but pretty much none of the numbers match up thanks to some printing errors. So for the most part I had to eyeball the damn thing. >.<

I'm leaving the helm the origanal size to leave room for padding and gadgets.

So yeah, I think the calf pieces are the easiest so I'll probably fiberglass those first. I'll update soon.
Really nice.

Glad to see more women interested in teh Halo's. Sarge Christi has teh competition.
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adreniline said:
Really nice.

Glad to see more women interested in teh Halo's. Sarge Christi has teh competition.

^true, Atleast we're showing more diversity. well if you want to meet more people post and "introduce yourself" forum. Nice work so far, i want to see how it looks in the end.
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I haven't done much but here is my lower leg...

It sitting over a platform boot that it will eventually be snapped to after it is fiberglassed.


More Soon!
I have to say, I love the pink Spartan. Love it. Is your armor gonna be pink in the end? That would be awesome. Nobody does pink... :mad:
Pink really isn't a favorite color of mine. I think I am pretty set on a purple of some sort, though I haven't decided on what shade yet. Maybe pink accents though? My friend and I are planning on making some sample boards soon, so we'll see. =p
Yeah I will either sacrifice my old GBX motorcycle boots for my shin and foot armor to connect to, or i'll use one of the millions of pairs of combat boots I have lying around.
hey star... whered u get the pink mini MC??? i have a classick MC color and a red and a blue one and an elite but never seen any others... And i really want a steel and white one.
Elric, Well, depending on how you are connecting your armor to your boots, you can just make a slip on go over them so they don't get messed up. That probably how I am going to do it.

a1200, yeah, my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend bought it years ago so I really have no idea. =p Have you tried eBay?
actually i rarely use ebay because the last time i did i received a suverely damadged MC replica...
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