Nashville Comicon - June 3-4, 2023 - Steve Downes Appearance


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NaNashville Comicon is a new Two Day Pop Culture Convention where fans get to geek out and celebrate their favorite fandoms with friends and family. They've got Comic Creators, TV/Film Stars, Cosplayers, Anime Actors, Artists, Crafters, Authors, and more. Featuring unique programming in the form of Panels, Gaming, and Contests. Nashville Comicon is a new con and this is their second year of operation.

Now for the most exiting part, Steve Downes will be making an appearance at Nashville Comicon.

Date: June 3-4, 2023


Event Website:
Nashville Comicon

Fairgrounds Nashville Hotel List

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- JTF4
- S229
- Jack0138
- Wayward Flood
- Asgardianhammer
- nerdman234

Tentative Responses:


Badge Purchase: PURCHASE HERE

Steve Downs Schedule:
Steve will be present all day for both days of the con for personal pictures and autographs. There is no published price, so make sure you bring an adequate amount of cash.

Fairgrounds Nashville has parking on site and it is very fairly priced at $5 per day.

Fairgrounds Guidelines
-No Outside Food Or Drink.
-No Parking in the Load In Zone. Once you have unloaded you must move your vehicle or they will tow you.
-Take ALL trash with you when you leave. Any spaces not left clean will be subject to a fine from the convention center.
-No Adult Materials.
-No Fireworks.
-No Weapons.
-No Firearms.
-No Bootleg merch.

Prop Weapons Policy
I am seeking clarity on their prop weapons policy and will update this as soon as I know, but they don't have any published on their site.

Dinner Plans:
There are no formal plans, but once we have a better idea of everyone's food likes and dislikes, we'll solidify something and update everyone.

Photo shoot:
We are working on planning a quick group photo shoot with Steve Downes. It will most likely be on Sunday, but I will update this as soon as I know for sure.

And now some fun news!

We've got a booth this year!

Booth Info


If you have a prop that you would like displayed at the booth, feel free to drop it off either at load in or the day of the con. I will be making small fold together cards that will go with each prop, and if you would like one to be made for yours, please DM me a picture, and the name of the prop. I will also have a couple of weapons racks with me, so if you have some longer props, we have a place for them.

Please keep in mind that we only have a 10x8 space to work with, so don't bring everything you've made. Just a couple that you would like to show off.

Load In:

Friday from 11AM to 7PM. I will be driving up to Nashville Friday and plan to be there around 1PM. If you are able and would like to help setup we would love to have you.

While loading in, we will be permitted to park in the loading dock, but as soon are we are done, we have to move all vehicles to general parking.

I will also be bringing cases of water to bring in at load in for anyone who is helping with the booth.

Hall Hours:
10AM-6PM (Open to vendors any time after 6AM)
Sunday: 11AM-4:30PM (Open to vendors any time after 9AM)

Load Out:
Load out will be after the hall closes on Sunday at 4:30PM. All exhibitors must be out of the hall by 9PM or they will receive a fine from Fairgrounds Nashville.

Working the Booth

It is preferred you wear 405th Branded items, Outpost Discovery Jerseys, or more “Business Casual” attire. Failing that, Halo branded merchandise is also a good bet. If you want, you may wear your Halo costume, but remember out main purpose at the booth is to interact with the public and your costume might interfere with that communication. Please keep your attention forward-facing to engage the public as much as possible. Welcome them to our booth and ask them if they're familiar with the 405th. Explain that we are an International Halo costume and prop group that seeks to assist others in building their dream Halo costume. For example, our website houses a wide variety of tutorials, free templates, and 3D print files. We also provide members with an opportunity to wear those costumes at Conventions, meet Ups, and Community Events. For example, direct them to our donation QR code for Extra Life and mention our yearly 24 Hour Fundraising event for it. If people are interested in signing up for the 405th be sure to point them to the forums first! Don’t advocate the discord until later!! If they ask if we have an Instagram we do it’s 405th_southern.

With all that in mind, I also want to lay out a couple of things to be aware of while present at the booth.
  1. While in costume remember that we do not ever “Tea Bag” when representing the 405th, nor are we to take pictures in any threatening manner, such as pointing our weapons at a member of the general public or pretending to strike or melee them, per the request of 343i and Microsoft.
  2. Please keep swear words to a minimum there will be children and families there and we want to make a good impression on them and the organizers of Nashville Comicon.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing ya'll this weekend!
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I got all of my details with it ironed out, and i will for sure be boots on the ground.
Is there anyone who is coming, or thinking of coming who needs a place to stay?
Heck yea! Can’t wait to see your odst build!

Is there anyone who is coming, or thinking of coming who needs a place to stay?
Thanks, I'm excited and eager to know what I can fix. Bringing Dr. Halsey and another buddy of mine who's doing a jumper as well, won't have his compete but he'll have a lower half done for it. Coming out of Clarksville so we're be good on lodging. Got a hotel in Brentwood lined up. Would love to see more guys out there though.
Hammer inbound for this one!!! Closest place for me to catch Steve in person finally. It may be a Saturday only event for me but I will drag my gear up. What kind of booth things do you have to rep us up there?
Hammer inbound for this one!!! Closest place for me to catch Steve in person finally. It may be a Saturday only event for me but I will drag my gear up. What kind of booth things do you have to rep us up there?
Look forward to meeting you in person!!

We don’t have a booth this year, but I’m talking to the organizers about potentially getting one put together next year. (Unless I missed an official request that came through or something)
Updated on my list. Looks like my buddy will have a full jumper sans helmet for this. I just finished his shins. Waiting on the upper half to arrive. It's going to be a race against the clock here.

We are formally listed on their groups with booths.
If assistance is needed on the booth, I might look at hiking up there for at least one day from ATL.
If I'm allowed, I'd also be down to help in any capacity I can.
Got MomoCon done. I'll be driving up Saturday morning, coming back that night. Small chance of grabbing a room Friday night, but not sure at this time.

I have a Southern Regiment Flag and a pair of props I can bring. As far as displays, are things needed? I can get some free-standing pegboard or similar assembled to hold up props.

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