What is best NOOB way to make it DURABLE

  • Vacuform

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  • Fiber Glass

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I want some good armor, but it needs to be durable, not cardboard crap. I am a noob and all my base is belong to you. HElp! :bard:
To make a long post short, take a quick glimps around before you need to start a help thread. IF your still stumped theres plenty of people willing to help :Steve:
lol, cardboard no crap. monster makes all his stoof outta cardboard, and his suit is one of the best!
if you want stremgth, go with origami.

Monstermaker13 said:


i dont think iv ever heard the two used in the same sentence

haha well its obvious he hasnt seen your work with cardboard XD
so all of us here will let that one remark slide...just one! lol
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Why does the suit have to be ONLY vacform or fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a pain to work with. Sticks. can be heavy.

Vacform requires a hell of alot more set up and a vac form machine. and is likely to crack.

i just don't understand why these are the only 2 methods people think are out there.

But more to the point. i think everyone wanting to make a suit needs to realise the suit is a BIG project. not just in time but in money as well. if you want a super amazing looking suit for less than $200 its simply not going to happen.

it is possible but money doesn't buy patience to make it.
link4044 said:
i love fiberglass...sometimes a pain but it doesnt get heavy

personally i hate it. but thats a personal statement.

link ; you really need to be introduced to urethanes ;)
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Nova_Chief said:
What is urethanes?


generally high impact like ABS plastic (stormtroopers)

I might be wrong, but I'm just going by what I remember of polyurethane materials
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well I need some thing that will take jumps and paintball hits. YA IM HARD ON ALL OF MY STUFF. so fiberglass polyurathane is in my faver
BUT Im just a noob to ;-)
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