Need assistance with Rakshasa build


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I've been very excited to start my Rakshasa build but I only keep coming up with STL files to 3D print. Although I had Intended on printing a few items I wanted to make the majority out of EVA foam. I had seen a few people on here mention they found some templates on etsy but I have had no luck tracking those down. I was hoping someone could provide the link ?
Check out this post by RadMax117
Armor pieces and helmet are mostly eva foam with some sintra parts, only 3D printed part is the combat knife from @skookumprops . Rakshasa pepakura templates from papercraftuniverse3d (Etsy) Right robot arm completely self templated/ freehanded with U/A armor plate template from @he4thbar and ugps tac pad templates from the @405thinfantry . Helmet and Heath pack templates also from the 405th. All soft parts sewn/altered myself. Vest/ sleeves self templated and sewn from scratch. Xbox app and game screenshots for the win as those were crucial references to dissecting the multiple layers to get it the most accurate it can be. Mandalorian neck seal template from @sionnach.studios which I modified. Painted with Montana spray paints, weathered with acrylics, rust activated paint, and real dirt glued modge podged on. This was my first full suit up and test fit so there’s still some things to work out. Only thing I don’t like are the toe caps so I might eventually figure something else out but will just live with it for now.

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