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i want to make armor that is durable... i went up to the place that has links to get the paper armor but none of the down loads work... can any 1 help? also how much does a suit of armor cost if u make it your self?
If you made it from Pepakura, it's gonna cost you less than 50$ without painting, and i f you do it with the mold, i think it's up to 500$ and more
mike follow this

start of by getting the pepakura program here this will tell u how do do every thig just follow the steps in there... print the groin part on regular paper 1st and put it together to pratice folds and stuff. after you finish that go to walmart and buy 110lb card stock.... 150 sheets is 5$... then reprint the groin part but on pepkura paper this time. then print out other easy peices and do the helmet and chest last because there the hardes and if u go easy to hardest it will be easier on you caus youve had more pratice. this link will help you make awsome folds... then once your done follow the things listed in this link . then u paint it what ever color you want.... rember its like a big jigsaw puzzle.... it can be really frustrating......

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