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Link told me a way to power computer neons using batteries, i forgot what he said though.
also i was wondering if anyone else had any ideas for powering computer neons for portable use.

(Link you used it on that shield thingy you made with the blue lights)

any suggestions and comments welcomed thanks

how do you put the (blank) in the (blank) using the (blank)?

ahh your all a bunch of lousy (blanks)
neons? like EL wire? personally if it doesnt have to be neons. id say go with some cold cathods. they come hooked up to a thingy yu put batteries was posted somewhere on this idea where or why thou..if i find the link ill tell you
cold cathodes and neons are the same thing lol

el wire is electroluminescent wire.
got it on my comp

and i have 7 pairs of neons and none come with battery hookup you have to buy

but thanks anyway
Cold cathodes are not the same thing as Neon.

Actual neon runs on ultra high (lethal) voltages. Cold cathodes run on low voltages (i.e. battery power). Thats an important distinction when you're trying to power them.
Where did these tubes come from... are they cold cathodes or Neon? Odds are if they're in a computer mod... they're cold cathodes, and they'll wire into you computers power supply.

You need to look online for something like uh...... these:
yea i have 7 pairs of cold cathodes. forgot the difference lol.
and i know they plug into your computers molex power connectors. but im trying to find ways to use them as portables for when i go camping. but i dont want to spend 15 dollars on a battery pack when i can just make one.
You can't just make a battery pack. You need the power inverter to change the current from AC to DC. Thats what inverters do.

On the site I gave you:
Aluminum Dual-Ready Inverter

So theres the inverter to less than $5. Now you need a 12V power source. If only they made batteries that were 12v..... :mrgreen:
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nice thanks

and they do make 12 volt batteries, the ones you put in your wireless garage door opener are 12 volts lol
Wait, since when do Cold Cathodes run off of AC current?

After the 115V AC gets to your (for this example) 450 Watt power supply, its converted from AC to DC.

Pretty much everything runs off of DC, which is what batteries are, but DC's impossibly difficult to transmit so they us AC, which is easy to transmit but hard to power stuff directly off of.
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