Need help with my MA5B please

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So I made a cardboard MA5B, with a little flashlight inside. No trigger yet. It looks really good, I added VHS tapes inside to make it heavy.

Anyway, after ducktaping it, and painting it all silver-grayish, I found my mistake. I already paint it, now the sides feel rough, and looks stupid.

I heard about resin and all those stuff now I finally found this nice site.

Any help trying to fix my MA5B? Should I resin over it or what?

Here's my batch of pictures.

Diagonal shot

Side view

Back view
Some pics would help, so we can get a better picture of what you need to do. Unfortunately, I have no experience in resin and fiberglass, I'm purely cardboard and paper. The good news is plenty of other people here do. You've come to the right place.
I know, I am going to need to buy a new charger for the camera I have, 'cause I can't find the charger.

I guess it really does help if I had pics...

Hehe. Yeah Fiberglass resin should help. You can find it in all good Automotives shops.
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