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so im looking for the right moderator to talk to about promoting the site in different ways and starting pages.

im a halo cosplayer out of New England. and there are not many 405th members in the area. i host a page on facebook and pretty known in the area and getting known more and more. and i was wondering if i have permission to put the 405th website on my business cards to see if people will join the site and hopefully make armor more in the east coast!

also i want to start a group on Facebook for the north east coast division of 405th. me and my buddy are willing to do all the work we just need permission and any moderators are more then welcome to become admins of the page to keep up on everything.

our future plans for all of this is to hopefully get more then just a couple of people who made halo armor in the area. and maybe one day host panels at cons we go to, and maybe one day match up to the west coast!

ive sent a message to an admin but go no response, so thats why im posting this and hopefully be able to contact someone to give me permission.
Just pm a moderator and ask him, I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction. Carpathia is a pretty active one so you should hit him up. (Sorry if I got ur name wrong bud)
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