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NEW 3D FILES - promethean knight, crawler etc

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by WingedAvian, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member

    got rid of the tools name etc, posted the map geometry because im after the forerunner artefact that stops the infinity leaving requiem. everything else is strictly armour or weapon based (y) well apart from the crawler :')
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  2. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member

    heres the full list of all the files i have atm :)

    list deleted to avoid breaching the rules and safety of the 405th.
  3. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    That's one heck of a list! I'll just take all of it to be honest!
  4. Daschlenn

    Daschlenn Member

    Seconded! :lol
  5. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member

    updated the list with some halo 3 files i converted last night

    i know alot of the stuff in the list isnt costume related but the architecture and art work is so amazing i couldn't leave them out, ive had a few ideas for using things like the cryptum or slipspace artefact as computer cases etc and i though others might want them for similar reasons. ive always loved the forerunner designs in general and theres something amazing about having it all and being able to really look at pieces you would just walk past in game. :')

    i also remember someone at bungie saying there was an easter egg on the sandtrap multiplayer map from halo 3 that nobody had found yet. spent over an hour tearing the place apart last night and couldn't find a thing xD

    as it stands the whole folder is about 17.5gb and certain files need separating in blender i.e. all the elite armour is contained within one file on top of each other. same with any destructible item but heres a few pictures of some of the cooler stuff i found.

    didact ship.jpg
    droppod elite.jpg
    space banshee.jpg
  6. Dracosfire83


    Thanks for doing this. It would be nice to finally have access to more then just the armor game assets for the fist time in Halo history. So many neat items in many games get left behind in favor of the armor only approach. Always wanted to do this myself but the Halo franchise was never an option for me since I hated my Xbox so much I took it out to the gun range and shot it with 50 caliber rifle and I haven't wanted to replace or upgrade it. So again thanks.
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  7. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
  8. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member

    pics should be sorted now
  9. Chernobyl


    After some discussion with the other members of Staff, we've come to the decision to, for the time being, close this thread. Our relationship with 343i isn't currently strong enough that we feel that posting and openly requesting raw models and game assets could potentially damage that bond we're working hard towards.

    I'll be drafting up some solutions and contacting you soon, WingedAvian.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
  10. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Hello folks!

    Just as an FYI, we're reopening this thread. We always are going to default towards protecting our community here and sometimes that means putting things on hold temporarily while we discuss it as a group.

    We thank you all for being patient and thank WingedAvian for his contributions to the 405th!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
  11. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member


    working on cleaning up this slipspace artifact model to unfold, see if i can make a computer case out of this ;D
  12. WingedAvian

    WingedAvian Jr Member

    uploaded some of the forerunner files to my 4shared account, theres to many for me to clean and unfold atm but you guys are welcome to them. more will be added as i work my way through :)

    let me know what you guys are most interested in and ill do my best to model them for you and if i can, unfold them aswell.

    happy pepping :)
  13. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2017
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  14. HaloHunterChief


    bro yor 3d modelling is on point great work man but what is your 4shared account
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2017
  15. Dirtdives


    Didn't we shy away from the 4shared a while back? Something about a ton of mal-ware and viruses?
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  16. HaloHunterChief


  17. Kat

    Kat Jr Member

    Think you could pull a file for Kat? XD
  18. Dirtdives


    I could be wrong........
    Well here is Kat's helmet......HERE. Something to get started on at least.
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  19. Kat

    Kat Jr Member

    Thankies <3

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