New cardboard king?

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New pics and writeup at HBO today


Have we gotten this fellow to join yet?
Who said I was giving up?

This is another reason for me to get off my ass and try to finish the hunter.


All I need are good screenshots or game models..
I think he said he glued some magnets to one side of the gun as well as on the back of his armor...but I havnt read the article in some time. Wonder what the supposed technology in the halo universe used to attach the gun to the armor...
Spackle's like a cheap form of smoothing, modeling, or polymer clay system....

Just cheap and massively available. Though it's not really practical for large scale use in something you'd wear for more than a couple of hours tops.

It's for a Haloween Party, I'm guessing he's not really too big on permanence.
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