New FanFic (Written by yours truly)

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My HUD flickered to life as my on-board computers booted up. My body suit warmed up and I felt my suit adjusting to 20 Celsius. My BR55 Battle Rifle’s Ammo Counter started up and I ran a quick check of all my systems.
“All systems go, Sarge”, said the man next to me. He was clad in ODST Body Skin-the suit of the ODST’s, the UNSC’s Elite Paratrooper unit. I am part of the unit known as the Helljumpers. The intercom squealed and I listened.
“Will a Staff Sergeant Jeeroy Lenkins report to the Brig, over?”, said the voice over the ship’s intercom. The room about me was open. Marines and Techies walked around, talked, and worked on UNSC vehicles. A Techie sitting on a Scorpion Main Battle Tank cursed as a fuse lit up and burned his hand. The intercom squealed again and I listened once again.
“ODST’s report to the Briefing Room, ASAP.”
I slung my rifle over my back and started walking towards the Briefing Room. The ship’s halls were wide and I took my time. By the time I reached the Briefing Room, a few others had already made it.
“Welcome, Helljumpers!”, said the Commander. I looked around and saw a few familiar faces and a few not-so-familiar faces. I saw Corporal Jersey and walked over to him.
“Hey Jersey”, I said. Jersey looked up and said hi. The Commander started talking. He talked about the mission, which was a hot jump into a Covenant-controlled sector of a planet.


That's the beginning of my new fanfic. I plan on possibly writing an ODST one, a Marine one, a Spartan one and a Covenant one.
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