Builds By Baz promotes self-healing.

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I’ve been working with a good friend Zee, of on the new BBB apparel designs.

Today the new sample uniforms for all my displays and gigs arrived and I must say, I’m excited! (Just in time for this weekend’s Iron Man gig at EPIC in Canberra.)
One of the biggest things I want to do with BBB is to inspire others to have a go and, “Just Build It”.


Because creative pursuits help so many people deal with life, small problems and large. Everything form some simple chillout time, to dealing with depression, PTSD, grief and other stresses of life. Even medical professionals will recommend things such as, “Men’s Sheds”, as part of emotional healing in a mental health plan.

Hopefully by encouraging this line of thinking, others out there may find a happy place, become inspired and give themselves new meaning, definition, purpose and self-worth if needed.

To see what I'm about, visit Builds by Baz




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Will there be a way eventually to purchase these uniforms as well as make a small donation to your chosen charity? They look really smart and I'm all about supporting other creatives and their causes.
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