New full set of marine armor (not mine)

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papamurf812 said:

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Looks pretty damn good. We should get him here. I think this is the first real completed marine.
That isnt the first completed marine but its a pretty darn good 1 too

Is that a kindergarden classroom or something ... idk if thats the best place to be prancing around in armor with huge bazookas from 500+ years in the future lol :lol:
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It looks like he has ID around his belt. Maybe he's a janitor who got tired of all the bags of chips being left in the desks. Also, not the smile he has and the creepy face behind him on the wall. I wonder if that was on purpose.


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nice rocket launcher I'm now inspired to continue my pep marine armor just need to finish a few more pieces, and then resin and fiberglass and paint.


looks heavily influenced bu the halo 1 marine action figure

I think it looks good, proportions are reasonable on the armor and that rocket launcher looks awesome

I don't agree with the color he chose to paint it, but I still give it a big thumbs up

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