New Halo Wars pic?


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I would have to Guess so. Dunno what else it would be ;).

Looks really awesome though, can't wait till its out.



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Xavier said:
i wasnt asking if it was halo wars or not.... but rather is the pic new or old?
Oh, I don't know. I didn't take the time to check on their site, but there are some other cool pics there as well.

Edit - Apparently, it's a screenshot from a cinematic and I didn't see this in the first one so I would guess it's part of an in game video.

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The Phoenix-class Colony Ship is a ship classification within the United Nations Space Command.
A Phoenix-class Colony Ship, The Spirit of Fire
A Phoenix-class Colony Ship, The Spirit of Fire

The Phoenix-class starship are often modified into warships, such as the UNSC Spirit of Fire, which is a modified Phoenix converted for Wartime-use. It will be the main ship in Halo Wars. The name Phoenix is likely a nod to Bungie's canceled game of the same name. curtosy of halo wiki