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Here's A Helmet of mine that's been casted of a MC Statue I found this on Ebay last week I've already started work on it and i'll post more pic's 8)

Corpseguy thanks a bunch for sharing your photos, thats great reference material for everybody here. I tried to track down one of those statues too... being a moldmaker myself it was soo tempting to get one and mold it to make a suit from.. I just wasn't able to get ahold of one.

Those are some sweet looking molds too, great job!
Two Things.

First off. Whoa!! I REALLY like what you did with the foot and shin armor there. Nice touch! How I would love for the save technique for HALO 1 Marine armor or even the OSDT.

Second. I;m not pointing figures or anything like that, but I have to ask. Since you took the mold off of someone else statue or work is that legal? I have read about this thing on other forum boards and I have to ask the question. I know you bought the statue and it is a heafty investment. I am just wondering if the sculptor and/or artists are "cool" with that sort of thing. Explain and break down for us will you?
legal to make, not ethical. illegal to produce, probably.

it really comes down to an ethics issue.
There's a lot you can do for yourself that's not illegal, but can quickly BECOME illegal as soon as you try to profit from it.

If you were to cast your own suit off of a statue, then as long as you don't sell the suit, you aren't breaking the law.

It's only an ethics question if you intend to use it for anything other than a personal costume, or claim to have sculpted the molds yourself. If you say "This is my costume which I made from molds of the statue I own." then you aren't doing anything ethically wrong, in my opinion. Of course if you, instead, choose not to reveal the source of the molds, you are then basically lying about it, which is considered unethical by most.

Of course other people's opinions will vary, but the reality is that as long as you're not trying to hide the fact that somone else did it, or otherwise trying to claim someone elses art as your own, then what have you done wrong?
Can I get a copy of the forearms and shoulders. there very cool now that some one has pulled molds off that 6 foot statue, let me know if anyone has raw casts of the arm parts. I think it would be a good place to start changing them around and adding some bondo to re-sculpt them to look better and different. maybe a H3 suit in the works for all of us to help make together.
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