New Member Welcome Package

Roxas s Embers

Hey Pacific!

With some help from a bunch of other people I have compiled a quick document for new regiment members.

I know that there are tons of other documents that have info on how to start out. It's just that I felt that it would be great to make a basic 'Hey, this is how stuff works'.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this then please let me know!!

Pacific Regiment Welcome Package 1.0:

-Thanks guys!!!


I think this is a great resource to have. It's short, sweet, and straight to the point. Thank you for compiling this package!

I tried clicking on the links and two of them didn't work for me. The first link that didn't work for me is the first pepakura tutorial mentioned. I get this error message when I try to follow the link.

The second link is the foam painting tutorial. Youtube says the video is unavailable.

Other than that, I think this is a great resource for those who are new to all of this. I personally like all the little tidbits in the FAQ section :)


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They worked for me. Surprised I've never come across that Pep assembly tutorial that you made Frozensnot . Really indepth. Thanks for the package Roxas s Embers ! I vote that this is stickied to the regiment page seeing as how it includes everything in one.
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The links are working now. Thanks!

I actually have an updated version of that tutorial. Time to bug Chernobyl :p

I would agree PerniciousDuke This is a really useful resource that doesn't deserve to be buried.
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