New recruit here, with his first question.


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Alright I am done cutting out my pieces for the top half of my helmet and onto the gluing stage, is there something I should do in advance, like getting some sort of mold to keep the helmet's shape? I am currently using a hot glue gun to hold the pieces together until I have to apply the resin.
Dont just build the helmet. Make little chunks. Like he4thbar said, working symmetrically helps alot. If you build half the jaw, then the other half, and break it into chunks, then when you finished everyone, all you have to do is glue eight or so peices together. This is also good for if you accidentally mess up really bad, you can easily rebuild the peice instead of trying to seperate glue or restarting the helmet.

Cardboard supports and popsicle sticks also do a good job of supporting the helmet and keeping its shape, while preventing warping and it caving in on itself during resin


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Also the benefit of hot glue is if you mess up sometimes you can hold the end of the hot glue gun to the paper and let the glue remelt so you can take it apart and try again as long as it doesn't tear