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Andrew Danforth, Spidermonkey60 , has agreed to come on as the MidWest Regiment Membership Officer or RMO. Andrew has been one of the most active people in the MidWest Facebook group and his builds are consistently of an amazing quality.

As for what you guys can expect of him, The primary duty of the RMO is to Monitor the Regimental Membership Request thread:
Regiment membership - please all read

This is the thread you post in once you hit you 90 days and 50 posts to request joining the membership. This is also the thread you can post in if you have moved into a new regiment's Territory and would like to request a transfer to that new Regiment. Andrew will be keeping an eye on that thread and approving the Regimental Membership requests.

The RMO also offers advice to Regimental members on the Deployment process and can offer feedback on a member’s build before that member submits a deployment application, if the member requests it. Once the application for Deployment is submitted by a member, the RMO will be included in responses from the Division and the RMO will act to support the member through the deployment process. RMOs will also offer advice and assistance should Division require any changes for Basic Approval, or for any suggested upgrades to qualify for a higher Tier.
Not open for further replies.