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Hello all, I am new to this community and would like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan and I am a halo fan (mainly the books.) I enjoy making the suits of Mjolnr armor. I have recently purchased a Method X by MakerBot and hoping to start printing some pieces out for the smaller individuals in my family. If anyone has any input on sizing the armor and breaking them down to fit the build plate I’m all ears. I appreciate any and all support. And hope to do the same. Take care


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Welcome to the forums! It'll be great to see some armour for the little 'uns. As for scaling your armour, a great program is Armorsmith. It allows you to create a virtual avatar of your body based off dimensions that you can import 3D files into. From there you can scale them to fit yourself and either unfold them (for foam/Pepakura), or export them to be 3D printed in the new sizes. As of right now it costs $30USD but is well worth the investment (you'll save a lot on time and wasted materials), plus the creator is constantly working on it, with a massive avatar overhaul coming soon!