New to cosplay and foam, but i want to do an odst cosplay


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I love odsts, but ive never even cut foam before, but i have the dedication to make an odst costume, so in your guys opinion, which template would be the best for beginners, any help is appreciated!
Andrew DFT's Reach ODST is really good for beginners.
He has free templates and a series of tutorials to follow along with.
One word of advice is don't copy the way he cuts his foam. It will lead to a lot of jagged cuts and clean up to smooth out later.
My first suit was a halo 3 Mk VI. I would think that an ODST would be simpler than that. As long as you take your time you'll be able to slowly learn the process of crafting with foam and you'll end up with a full suit that you're very happy with! For beginners, I've heard Andrew DFT's tutorials and files are a great!
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