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James Falcon

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Right, I'll be brief.

I've had a few spare minutes tonight to work on a Freewebs account that I've come to acquire for displayment of my armor pics, old, new, and unseen to many. Although it is still massively incomplete, it has a few pics in the album and some other interesting things that those of you who've been watching my work and want to know more would benefit by reading. It would also help if those of you from here who have been flooding my inbox would post your questions on the guestbook or forum (Once I get it up) on there instead of emailing me.

So, the link to my site is Right Here. Feel free to look around and post on the guestbook if you like.

I realize that this topic may or may not be appropriate for this forum, but I've made all my posts on here because my project is a molded armor type. So, Adam, if this has gotta go, make it go, but at least give it a few days so I know the people on here who are mailing me know about it and can stop spamming me. I'd appreciate it.

So, enjoy the site, and expect the most up-to-the-minute updates and pics to be added onto there from now on.

-James Falcon

Update! - For those of you who are a little upset at me because I didn't have any albums opened earlier on my site, I'd like to inform you that my MA5C Rifle album is now open for aware that some of the pics (like about the first 20) may not load, but there's still plenty of pics on there.
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