New Zanzibar for Halo 3 Screens

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The quality isn't good, b/c people are finding the leaked vid that is already compressed and then they choose to upload again, which then degrades the quality further. Regardless, the d/led version is wicked good quality. :hyper:
i like the new HUD how it comes on when you respwan kinda reminds me of robocop rebooting
curve of the HUD is stolen from metroid prime, who knows who metroid stole it from.
Alkal1ne said:
good games invent new techniques... Great games take the techniques and make them better.

parker is that you
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Whu huh?? Hey guys, sorry I'm late... whats new?

Heh. This is what I get for falling asleep on the couch early instead of being online.

How amazing does Zanzibar look! Isn't it incredible? Neat that all the technology and the bases look updated.


I do want Halo 3, to hell with your Hotpockets!
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