New Zanzibar for Halo 3 Screens

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doubt there will be bots. Also, perhaps this isn't the beta? This isn't a map that was supposed to be in the Beta.
I wonder what z-75 and x-25 and junk above names means.

In Beta tests you do not play as your Gamertag name. Those numeric codes are Beta profiles that are auto generated for players.

Sorry, no bots in Halo 3.... straight from Bungie, thats confirmed.
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Adam said:
doubt there will be bots. Also, perhaps this isn't the beta? This isn't a map that was supposed to be in the Beta.

Agreed, but all the better if Bungie decides to throw it in. And it is the Beta, it even says BETA BUILD in the beginning, at the bottom.

I find this somewhat funny (not the vid itself, that's just plain perfection, wrapped up in a solid gold box), but the fact that most leaks so far have been vids captured with a shakeycam, and the quality suggests a cellphone camera. But this, this was caught with a high-quality capture card, professionally edited, covering up all GamerTags (or numbers, or whatever they're using for this), with some music thrown in.

I can only assume, that if this will be in the Beta (Which I pray it is), then this vid was made by one of the Microsoft employees who got in through the Friends and Family program (who evidently weren't very good friends).

And, just for good measure: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
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To WanderingRonin:
It's an embeded Flash video, and you technically can't downloaded it, but JediFraz posted a good tutorial in the Halo Movie Forum, in the Thread about Haloid. There's also a few video downloaders out there.

Anyone else notice the really wierd Jumping animation?

Also, note that the Spartan Laser doesn't fire just one beam, but several, all pretty close together.

Also the Blue Grid that flashes across the screen when you respawn, that EGM mentioned very briefly.
Adam said:
curve of the HUD is stolen from metroid prime, who knows who metroid stole it from.

Gundam ;-)

Zanzibar is just so so :shock: beautiful
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i hope the music in the video is actually in halo 3 o_O. i also like the new HUD. reminds me of the civil war. also, was i the only one to notice the *cough* SHIELD BUBBLE*cough* in the game trailers video?

The music is from Kill Bill, isn't it.

And I think it would be pretty hard to miss the Bubble Shield, Caboose ;-)

:heart: to the Halo: CE Sniper.
Also there is a new phrase. At around 6:00 in the vid, the guy melees him with a fuel rod canon, and it says YOU WERE SMASHED (not beat down) BY XYZ... But for smaller weapons, it is still beat down. Maybe melees got new power upgrade...
spartan -1 @ Caboose said:
well, no one posted on the bubble, so i thought i would. just making sure o_O

and what ce sniper???
Halo: Combat Evolved- the sniper has a green graph or something on the scope, like in Halo 1, Whereas Halo 2 had a real-time screen of what you were looking at.
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I can't wait for H3 now. Zanzibar is my favorite map of all time, and now it's back and all pimped out. WOO!

I'm going to have to alter my strategy for Assault on Last Resort now - dang it. It was damn near flawless.
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