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so i saw a vid on youtube of this very detailed master chief armor, then whilst scrolling through the comments i found this site figuring i could make some armor with the help of a few friends. if i could i'd like to know what this pepakura material is and how much the total project would cost. If i can get any help at all it'd be much appriciated


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Pepakura is a paper software thing you download off its site. The best paper to use if you're going to make MC armor is probably 110lb cardstock. You can get the cardstock from Wal-Mart for $5 for a pack of 150 sheets. Probably the total cost you might pay is about $20-$40 if you don't have any of the supplies. You also need Fiberglass/Resin, which you can get from Ace Hardware or Home Depot, they're about $14.99 for a can. Oh yeah and you also need a visor which you can buy from most auto/car stores (like Pep Boys) or you can look on the interntet on Craigslist (if you live in the Bay Area) or Ebay, and they're about $10-$15.