Props No School on Monday!

What should I work on now?

  • Help my friend with his chainmail armor.

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  • Cardboard/metal AR

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  • Make a new helmet that I designed myself.

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SGT Razor

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I have no school Monday, and have quite a few projects on my mind. My friend just learned how to make chainmail armor and I kinda want to have something that actually protects me... not that I need it or anything, I just want it. Also, I have an assault rifle I had been working on but abandoned for some reason. I have a template and I'm ready to work on it. The smallest project is a helmet I have designed for a video game I want to make, but neither I nor my friend have the resources to make any kind of 3D animation. But matching armor would be cool. What do you guys think I should work on first? The only thing I won't be able to finish this (three day) weekend is the chainmail.
Go the AR, unless your friend is willing to actually give you the chainmail... Me, i'd hate the fact that i toil 3 days for something i don't get to keep :cool: