ODST Armour

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One thing.-----> .
That is a period. You use it to end sentences.
-----> ,
That is a comma. Use it to pause longer sentences.

Anyways, If anyone will get pepakura ODST stuff it will probally be me first 'cause I'm currently making ODST gear.
Like I said in the other ODST thread. If anybody has a 3d file for the ODST Model I can convert to 2D templates.
In the first pic, pull it in like this---><
Just generally improve on it, also, but good job.
Nice. I would like to ask you do you use mesh smooth in 3D. Because I ve used mesh smooth on my helmet and it has like a gazilion pieces !!! :mrgreen:
No These are the actual ingame models.
They use ingame bump mapping and texturing to look good.

Mesh smooth is good in 3d modelling.. Not so good if your trying to create models out of card.
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