Ok i am making some progress.

So i talked to my parents they said ok we can buy you that stuff. So they will buy as soon as possible.So Can someone tell me what Do i need to buy ? What Is That Paper Is It special or something? And what items do i need ? like i can spend about 150$ so is it enough?


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For a decent suit yes, also, I already told you several times what to buy, reread or read the stickies.

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He means read the stickies.

We are not in the habit of walking people through the process of making their armor 1 by 1. All the information you need is in the Pepakura forum, stickied to the top of page 1.


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I'm pretty sure someone already gave you a starting list of materials in the other thread you have. Try to translate their reply.

If you don't understand a particular word, I'm sure people can elaborate for you there.


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Keep your work/questions in 1 thread.

By decent, with 150 dollars, you can get a real gold visor, a nice paintjob, resin and glassed armor, and cardstock.

And other small things, but yes, you can make a nice suit for 150$


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I'd say 1.5 cans will cover a suit, but you cant buy small cans, the smallest is the 12-14 dollar can.

Plus when you are done making your armor, you go crazy and pep more helmets/weapons, then the extra resin comes in handy.
oh thanks for the understand of me . But what is the best paper to make it. by the way i cant find what do i need to buy anywhere in the stickies and i searched in google no work on that eather . i even need pics becose i am telling u guys I LIVE IN LITHUANIA wich is wery i mean wery far far away from america so i think i can find all those things with pics or something. By the way me and my dad are going to buy something for his car monthly so i need those things Fast A.S.A.P . :D
and what is fiberglass???? and how to make high def suit like u told me once ok i want high def halo 3 to make we like in the trailer by the way i like the color of halo 3 dark . i think i can do that becose i am not doing it fast i will spend alot of time for the suit. so any advice here? and can someone give me a link of the BEST paper i mean to know how does it look like.


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Resin. Bondo. Mask. Fiberglass Cloth. 30 Brushes. 3 Cans of Spray Paint. 110lb Cardstock. Glue Gun.

EDIT: If your going for high def, your going to need to spend more than $150, You'll need lots of bondo.


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Look at the gallery. Please dont double post. Read the stickies.

Once again, NO ONE, will hold your hand until the armor is done, right now, you're relying off us for everything, do some research on your own, and learn like we did. Back then, there were no tutorials and only 2-3 stickies, now adays, all the info you need is in those stickies, now go read them actually.


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Mjolnir Flashcards!
Fiberglass Cloth:


Card Stock:



That is what the products look like when you buy them in the US.

Like people said, as far as making your armor goes, you will have to go through and read the stickied pages yourself. It's how everyone here, regardless of age or location is taught.

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

(Don't eat your resin, though.)


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I just noticed the picture of fiberglass you posted says 44 feet by 1 yard.

Thats a heck of a lot more than anyone needs xD

Just pointing that out, and probably spammed.

But if you want an exact amount 2-3 sheets of 3 feet x 3 feet should cover the suit, and a little more. (maybe double the layers in the helmet)
thank you wery much and what is the glue type u said hot glue can you give me a pic of hot glue please and is the cardstock best to use?


Yes the 110lb cardstock you find in Walmart is the best way to go!! It should cost about $7.00 As for the type of glue...the all purpose glue that you add to the Glue gun should hold just fine!

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WetOkole said:
Yes the 110lb cardstock you find in Walmart is the best way to go!! It should cost about $7.00 As for the type of glue...the all purpose glue that you add to the Glue gun should hold just fine!
mine was like 5 or 6 dollars got it at walmart
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