Foam ONI Operative/ODST Armor!

Zach 009

Sr Member
So I haven't been building all week, instead I have been prepping and platidippin' and priming the chest piece, I like to wait a full day before I add another layer so it took a week, but here it is all primed up, looking almost ready for the paint.
20210424_070548.jpg 20210424_070554.jpg 20210424_070601.jpg
I think I will wet sand and final primer layer.

Zach 009

Sr Member
I got the the base coat on! Also all taped up for the sections I want to stay black.
20210427_081400.jpg 20210427_081407.jpg 20210427_081413.jpg
Next up I'm going to put some Vaseline with sand mixed on the corners and areas I think would get chipped away from everyday use on the the main chest plate first, then the torso, the colors I'm going to use is flat iron and moss green, and the ab section will be some type of silver and gunmetal, or maybe a darker grey not sure yet!

Zach 009

Sr Member
Alright, got 3 layers on the main chest piece.
20210427_101339.jpg 20210427_101343.jpg 20210427_101347.jpg
You might have noticed some bumpy bits, that is Vaseline, waiting maybe 4 to 6 more hours before I wipe it away to give it a chipped effect, then I will use splotches of silver on the chipped pieces, should be pretty dope!


Pssst I peek at yours all the time, like oooooh that's how it goes, or hmmm that's what it's suppose to look like
Thats awesome. Im glad mine helps. This has been a bit of a learning experience for me as well lol. ive never sat down and done this much work on a single build before. yours is coming out amazing too!

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