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Original Costume. ODST/UNSC Marine, Garrison summer uniform, Summer

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by GreY2231, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. GreY2231


    So like the Title says, my own creation. Summer garrison khaki uniform, UNSC Marine/ODST.

    So I will try to list everything I used.

    Original USMC Shirt, Cap, and Pants.

    Medals are mostly my own plus a few from the legendary lootcrate or from Ebay.

    US Army Master Sergeant Pin On Rank (USMC Khaki Sew on MsSgt Rank would have taken too long with shipping and I wanted it ready for a Con)

    The Infantry cord and Combat Infantry Badge are my own. (US Army Vet)

    The shoes are my original from my Class A's back then. sad you cant see them, they're shiny.

    Belt is just a nice belt that fit the look Well.

    If you have any Questions, Please let me know, and I hope you all like it. I am always open to constructive criticism.

    _MG_5312_preview.jpeg _MG_5321_preview.jpeg _MG_5327_preview.jpeg 20180512_121659.jpg 20180512_201145.jpg
  2. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    I am loving hope well your soft uniforms are coming out. Kinda wish we could have a bunch of them to run around cons with. Be all professional and that jazz. Couple 405th mountain patches on the sleeves, a few general stars for the RCOs, it'd be awesome!

    Great job, man. Well done.
  3. mumgoot

    mumgoot Jr Member

    Is this uniform from a canon source? I've never seen it before. TOTALLY not trying to be "the canon purist"- it's just that I haven't played all of the games (plus none of the movies or what have you) so I'm wondering if it's from a game or your own original creation.
  4. GreY2231


    Says in the Title. My own creation. I wanted to wear my uniform to a Con but it was Way too hot so I made a Summer uniform based on the connection of the USMC. So Non-Canon
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  5. mumgoot

    mumgoot Jr Member

    Oh sorry, missed that. That's really cool! I like the WWII vibe that I'm getting. Gaps in the canon are convenient-we can fill them in however we want! This actually gets me thinking a little, because I just recently left the Civil Air Patrol and I have some uniform stuff from that...:whistle:
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